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Vox NT2H-GF-Set

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Vox NT2H-GF-Set
376,00 €



  •  Jaunums no Vox! 

  • Slavenā Night Train mazākā versija Vox NT2H Limited Gold Edition! 

  • Autentisks dizains un izpildījums labākajās Vox tradīcijās!



    Vox autentiskais lampu skanējums ultra kompaktā veidā 2 W pastiprinātājā!

    Divas 12AX7 preamp vakuuma lampas, 12AU7 power tube lampa

    Regulatori: Treble& Bass EQ /  Gain & Volume kontroles

    Iespējams pieslēgt austiņas

    Augstas kvalitātes Vox vads ietilpst komplektā


    2 gadu garantija!

    Iespējams iegādāties Lateko līzingā!





    VOX NT2H-GD-SET Ламповая голова + кабинет

    Ламповая голова + кабинет для электрогитары, сет 2 Вт, цвет "золотой"

  •  ENG


    The original Vox Lil' Night Train was extremely popular due to its full-valve tone and stylish looks. It has now been released in a limited edition Gold set, giving it a more sophisticated look whilst keeping the same the same iconic tone that you all love.

    The 2 Watt head means you can crank it in the house without upsetting the neighbours and achieve that natural overdrive that valve amps provide. The special version of the included V110NT speaker cabinet compliments the Lil Night Train, both aesthetically and tone-wise, making this set perfect for guitarists who care about tone.

    The Lil' Night Train Set, overwhelmingly popular for its full-tube sound and modern looks, is now available in a limited edition gold colour in addition to the original version.

    Robust tube tone driven by vacuum tubes in both the pre-amp and power amp stages, a conveniently portable compact design and a rugged mirror-finish construction have made this amplifier set popular among both professionals and amateurs alike. Now the Lil' Night Train Set is available in a limited edition gold colour in addition to the classic version. It features VOX's traditional design with the combination of a gold-coloured amplifier head that's iconically VOX, paired with a speaker cabinet sporting the traditional VOX diamond grille cloth and basket-weave vinyl. The limited edition Lil’ Night Train Set will definitely stand out from the crowd with its gorgeous gold finish, and of course the iconic tone that VOX is known for.


    The Lil' Night Train Limited Gold Set includes a special version of the dedicated V110NT speaker cabinet. The rounded retro-look exterior speaker cabinet now sports the traditional VOX diamond grille cloth and basket-weave vinyl making it a great match for the limited edition Gold Lil' Night Train Head.

    • Authentic VOX all-valve tone in a stylish and ultra-compact 2-watt head
    • Two 12AX7 preamp vacuum tubes; single 12AU7 power tube
    • Treble & Bass EQ controls; plus Gain and Volume controls
    • Two-way mode switch: Bright boosts the high frequencies and activates the EQ
    • Thick bypasses the EQ and boosts the gain for a full, beefy sound
    • Headphone/line out jack is fantastic for recording Lil’ Night Train’s tube sound directly, or for those late night hours of practicing.
    • Includes a high-performance VOX speaker cable (16 AWG), meticulously designed for superior audio quality




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