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Vijoles stīgas Pirastro Tonica .

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Vijoles stīgas Pirastro Tonica .
38,00 €


  • Vijoles stīgu komplekts Pirastro Tonica
  • Pasaules vadošie mūziķi un orķestri izvēlas Pirastro !
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  • Stīgas kas pirktas veikalā Mūzika, iesakam uzvilkt jūsu instrumentam J.Jēkabsona vijoļdarbnīcā BEZ maksas !!!



  • RU

  • Комплект струн для скрипки Pirastro Tonica Medium

  • Струны на синтетической основе с живым и открытым звуком. Среднее натяжение, ми с шариком.



  • ENG
  • E Silvery Steel, A aluminum, D & G Sterling Silver.
    Over the last years we have developed new concepts and ways
    constructing strings, made important experiences in string
    technology and gained new expertise. During that development
    phase we came out with such popular
    strings as the Obligato®,
    Evah Pirazzi® and Passione®. Today we have a di
    erent knowledge
    and new techniques at hand to design a nylon core string set. As
    a result we have newly constructed all of the Tonica® strings
    except for the E steel wound with aluminum string. These
    changes result in an overall improved violin Tonica® string set.
    Sound Characteristics
    The Tonica® has a lively and round sound, which is open and
    with little background noises. Hence, the Tonica is also suitable
    for studio takes.
    Projection and brilliance have been upgraded. However, this
    excess does not mean that the Tonica® has lost its warmth.
    · The set harmony is well-balanced.
    · The response is easy and fast.
    Playing pianissimo has considerably improved.
    · All bow strokes are possible resulting in smooth crossings from
    one note to another.
    · Easy right hand articulation and tone attack.
    Standard Set:
    · E Silvery Steel, A aluminum, D & G Sterling Silver.
    The harmony of the standard set is now better by exchanging the
    steel/aluminum E with the Silvery Steel E 0.255 mm. The D string
    of the
    old Tonica® set was wound with aluminum, which results in
    a very
    warm and soft sound, however at the expense of the set
    and a certain lack of brilliance. Since the second half of
    the 1990ies it is common for Pirastro standard string sets to have
    a silver wound D string included. This allows a perfect set harmony
    with a brilliant sound that has good projection. This is the reason
    why the standard sets now have the Silvery Steel E and the
    Sterling Silver D included.
    Also available:
    · Set: E steel/aluminum, A aluminum, D & G Sterling Silver.
    This set is only available in medium gauge.
    · Single strings: E steel/aluminum, D aluminum