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Crash Zildjian ZXT Rock 16" .

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Crash Zildjian ZXT Rock 16" .
113,00 €
Crash 16"


  • Crash Zildjian ZXT Rock
  • Izmērs : 16"
  • 2 gadu garantija.


  • Play loud, play proud! These rock crashes have a powerful voice as mighty as any Zildjian cymbal you'll find so you know they will be heard. Whether you use the rock crash for occasional well-timed accents or rip on it like a ride, you'll love how the cymbal's penetrating sound cuts right through the volume of other instruments being played around you.

    Higher pitched ZXT rock crashes deliver a loud, bold crash with a moderately long decay and produce a full, rich and crisp sound that complements a variety of musical styles and genres. For novices, that means the cymbals are ideal for across-the-board training and are also easily adaptable to your playing style. For more seasoned drummers, it means you get to have fun messing around with different strike points and exploring new sound combinations.

    Easy to play Zildjian ZXT cymbals are cut from a solid sheet of bronze metal and have a brilliant finish produces a brighter, smoother sound with less bite. Dimple hammered details intensify the sound characteristics that Zildjian cymbals are famous for. And with a 16" and 18" size available, ZXT rock crashes are compatible with most drumming kits and other ZXT cymbals you'll surely be adding into the rotation.

    Zildjian 16" ZXT Rock Crash Cymbal

    • Category: ZXT
    • SKU: ZXT16RC
    • Type: Crash
    • 16 in. / 40.64 cm.
    • Weight: Medium Heavy
    • Finish: Brilliant Finish
    • Bell Size: Medium
    • Profile: Medium
    • Pitch: Mid
    • Sound: Bright/Mid
    • Volume: Loud
    • Balance: Blend
    • Sustain: Long
    • Skill level: Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate, Professional
    • Genre(s): Alternative, Country, Fusion, Hard Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin, Metal, Other, Percussion, Pop, Punk, Rock


  • Артикул: ZXT16RC

    Размер купола: Средний

    Профиль: Средний

    Высота звучания: Средняя

    Громкость: Громкий

    Баланс: Смешанный

    Сустейн: Длинный

    Жанр: альтернатива, кантри, фьюжн, хард рок, хип хоп, джаз, латино, метал, поп, панк, рок,перкуссия, народная музыка.





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