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Ride Zildjian ZBT Rock 20" .

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Ride Zildjian ZBT Rock 20" .
121,00 €
Ride 20"


  • Ride Zildjian ZBT Rock
  • Izmērs: 20 "
  • 2 gadu garantija.


Technical specifications

    • Category: ZBT
    • Type: Rides
    • Size: 20 in. / 50.8 cm.
    • Weight: Heavy
    • Finish: Brilliant Finish
    • Bell Size: Medium
    • Profile: Medium
    • Pitch: Mid to High
    • Sound: Bright
    • Volume: Loud
    • Balance: Cut
    • Sustain: Long
    • Skill level: Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate
    • Take risks with your creativity and your music, not your cymbals! Like you, Zildjian ZBT cymbals are solid performers, taking you from practice sessions to on-stage gigs with style and ease.

      Thanks to their sheet-cut bronze alloy construction, brilliant finish and precision hammering, the ZBT rock ride has the finesse and power to make your drumming voice heard even in louder settings. That's great news for hard rockers and heavy metal types who hate being overshadowed and outperformed by an even louder frontman and lead guitar player.

      Once you start playing the Zildjian ZBT rock ride, it won't take long for you to discover how invaluable it is in your kit. It's flat out one of your most essential cymbals and one you will absolutely go to town on as you use it to drive the steady staccato of pulsating rhythms that fuel your music and your sound.

      The Zildjian ZBT rock ride cymbal boasts a bright, cutting high-pitched tone and precise, clean stick definition that translates into a better sound with greater projection across the entire landscape of musical genres. Bigger cymbals aren't always necessarily better, but the rock ride's heavier weight and larger 20" diameter with a medium bell gives you more area to express yourself over a wide sound continuum.



  • Тип: ударный инструмент, тарелка ROCK RIDE
    Серия: ZBT
    Размер: 20"
    Отделка: brilliant
    Сплав: бронза (92%-медь, 8%-олово)
    Вес: тяжелый




    Прошли времена, когда тарелки делились на две категории хорошие профессиональные модели и плохие "студенческие".
    Технология идет вперед и теперь даже музыкантам с небольшим бюджетом доступна высококачественная серия ZBT выполненная по новой "бронзовой технологии".
    Zildjian ZBT аббревиатура Zildjian Bronze Technology. Этот сплав из меди и олова заставляет звучать любую тарелку серии музыкально и чисто.

    Тип: ударный инструмент, тарелка ROCK RIDE
    Серия: ZBT
    Размер: 20"
    Отделка: brilliant
    Сплав: бронза (92%-медь, 8%-олово)
    Вес: тяжелый
    Сустейн: долгий

    Габариты и вес товара в заводской упаковке:
    0.51 x 0.51 x 0.04 м.
    Вес: 2.90 кг.
    Страна-производитель: США


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