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MXR 10"

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MXR 10"
17,90 €
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MXR     DCIS10R    10"

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MXR Pro Series instrument cables are your choice when you want a cable designed for musicans, by musicians. MXR instrument and patch cables are built with high-quality oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors that won't tarnish and interfere with signal flow, and their OFC spiral shielding helps block RF interference. The Pro Series instrument cables also have durable, flexible PVC outer jackets and rugged TS connectors that are built to last. This is an MXR Pro Series DCIX10R 10' TS-TS instrument cable with a straight connector on one end and a right-angle connector on the other end. Many Sweetwater musicians rely on MXR Pro Series cables for dependable, durable, clear signal transmission — and now you can, too!

Durable, flexible PVC-jacketed 10' instrument cable transmits your signal cleanly
No fear of oxidation causing signal interference, thanks to OFC conductors
OFC spiral shielding defends against radio frequency interference for cleaner audio
Straight connector on one end and right-angle on the other end