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Mikrofona statīvs K&M 21090-300-55 .

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Mikrofona statīvs K&M 21090-300-55 .
49,00 €


  • Mikrofona statīvs K&M 21090-300-55

    • Materiāls: metāls.
    • Krāsa: melna.
    • Augstums teleskopiskajai daļai : 460-770 mm
    • Augstums: 900-1605 mm
    • 3 gadu garantija



  • Boom arm : 2-piece telescopic design
    Boom arm clamping : T-bar locking screw
    Boom arm length : from 460 to 770 mm
    Height : from 900 to 1,605 mm

    The König & Meyer (K&M) 21090 B (21090-300-55) is a telescopic boom stand in black finish with a three legged folding base and telescopic stem. The boom is telescopic but the reach of the boom can also be adjusted from the stem top, so unused boom will protrude to the rear of the stand. The boom terminates in a ⅜" thread with locking washer. Supplied with two cable clips.

    König and Meyer stands are considered by professionals to be the very best that money can buy and by which all other stands are judged. They are well designed, beautifully finished and easily able to withstand years of touring which has firmly established K & M as the world leader.

    The Manufacturer

    In 1949 K & M, founded by Karl König and Erich Meyer, employed just ten people who designed and manufactured music stands and measuring instruments. By 1951 the company had expanded its range of products and its staff had grown to sixty. Today K & M is considered to be the definitive name in music, microphone and equipment stands and their products are often the bench-mark by which all other similar products are measured. A K & M microphone stand is a stand for life and a worthwhile investment. In the event of damage through misuse a comprehensive range of spare parts are readily available.