Simple Way Audio

Simple Way Audio Vaccum Stereo Preamp

ID: 1636
Produkta kods: Vaccum Stereo Preamp

Noliktavā: Ir pieejams

Līzinga kalkulators

1,450.00€ ( Bez PVN: 1,198.35€ )

Preces apraksts

Input Tubes: 2 12AX7 dual triodes, low noise and stable bias

Output Tubes: Transistor

I/O: Thru Balanced Scheme

Microphone preamplifier: Selectable 48V phantom power (current source and phase reverse)

Gain: 75dB max Microphone preamplifier.

Input Impedance: 200 kOhms Micpre.

Frequency Response: 5Hz to 120KHz @ 50dB(gain)

Maximum Output: +47dBm (into 1Kohm load)

THD: <.002% @ 1KHz

THD+N: <.004% @ 1KHz

Dynamic Range: 120dB typical

Output Impedance: <=30 ohms

Power Consumption: 0.240 Amps (240 milliamps = 240mA) @ 240V = 57.6 Watts

Mains Voltage Frequency: 50Hz