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Gamechanger Plus Pedal

ID: 1638
Produkta kods: Plus Pedal

Noliktavā: Ir pieejams

Līzinga kalkulators

329.00€ ( Bez PVN: 271.90€ )

Preces apraksts

Tips: Sustain; Smart Looper

Ieejas: IN, RETURN (TS Jacks)

Izejas: OUT, CLEAN OUT, SEND (TS Jacks)

Kontroles pogas: 2-position foot pedal,

                         Potentiometers: BLEND, SUSTAIN, RISE, TAIL,

                         Switches: GROUP/SINGLE, SPLIT/MIX, additional footswitch input

Izmēri: WLH 90 x 195 x 72 mm

Īpašas atzīmes: The PLUS Pedal is an extension of your instrument, allowing to create multiple layers on the go. From jazz-voice leading to heavy post-rock drones – the Plus Pedal allows the guitarist to do more with the instrument! A useful tool in any context - live performances, songwriting & arrangement, creating drones, ambient soundscapes, cinematic sound effects, and much more.

Barošana: 200mA, 9VDC, center negative 2.1 x 5.5 mm plug