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Laney LX35R

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Laney LX35R
170,00 €
35 w Laney


Laney LX35R

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The LX35R is a 35 watt, twin channel guitar amp with 3 band EQ and on- board Reverb – giving gain choices from clean to extreme.

The LX35R features a twin channel preamp – giving aggressive extreme gain options plus a clean channel for softer moments.

For an expanded performance rig, the External Speaker socket can also be used to bypass the internal 10” driver and hook up to a larger cabinet (such as the LX412). Reverb and Channel can be selected remotely with the connection of a footswitch (FS2).

The 3 band EQ tone stack, gives instant tone shaping options to adjustment to suit the guitar and music style. Kick in the ‘XTS’ tone shaping switch for an instant scoop to the mid and a boost to key frequencies.

On-board reverb can be dialled in with a rotary control to add ambience to the tone.

The AUX input for jamming along and a headphone socket for doing so quietly are great features for private practice or late night sessions.

  • Black metal corners, front fret and rubber feet
  • Yes (Phono)
  • 2 (Clean and Distortion)
  • 1 x 10" Custom Driver
  • No
  • Global Bass, Mid and Treble
  • FS2 (Not Included)
  • No
  • Yes
  • 1x Jack
  • No
  • 405 x 450 x 275
  • 35 Watts
  • Yes
  • 1x Jack (4 Ohms External)
  • 368 x 403 x 228
  • 11.5 Kg Packed, 10 Kg Unit


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