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Korg PA700

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Korg PA700
1 099,00 €
Profesionāļi izvēlas Korg! PA-700- mūzikas darba stacija ar patiešām kosmiskām iespējām!



Komponistu labākais draugs- mūzikas darba stacija Korg PA700

Vairāk kā 370 profesionāli mūzikas stili un vairāk kā 1700 tembri

148 efekti

2 x 25 W skaļruņi

Iespējams iegādāties Lateko līzingā

2 gadu garantija



Korg PA-700

A songwriter's best friend, the Korg Pa700 arranger keyboard combines a compact design with amazingly natural sounds and a wide range of musical styles. With many advanced features from Korg's flagship Pa4X arranger (like KAOSS effects and MIDI control) and the Defined Nuance Control (DNC) sound engine, you'll be able to produce lifelike sounds and incredibly dynamic performances. You get over 370 styles, a large TouchView display for easy navigation, and over 1,700 sounds. Simply put, the Korg Pa700 is a powerful yet easy-to-use arranger workstation.

You'll find over 370 professionally-created music styles in the Korg Pa700, and it's easy to make them your own. Each style has three intros/endings, four variations, and four fill in/breaks. Once you've found your favorite styles, you can store your favorites and your user-created styles in storage for easy recall.

When you're writing a guitar part on a keyboard, it can be difficult to make it sound like it's actually played by a guitarist! Korg's Pa700 has a Guitar Mode that essentially translates what you're playing on your keyboard into a convincing guitar performance. For example, when you play a chord, the notes "strum" instead of arpeggiate.

With 148 built-in effects, you'll be able to polish your music until it's production-ready, all in your Pa700. And each track also features its own EQ, with a 4-band parametric EQ and a limiter on the master output. So not only can you produce your music on the Korg Pa700, you can also use it to add the final polishes that will make it ready for showtime.

Professional arranger keyboard with over 370 music styles and over 1,700 sounds
Defined Nuance Control sound engine allows you to add natural-sounding musical nuances to performances
7" TFT color touchscreen display makes it easy to navigate your project
Enhanced Guitar Mode 2 makes it easy to write guitar parts that actually sound like they're played by a guitarist
Built-in MP3 player, with Transpose and Tempo Change so you can play along in any key and tempo you like
Fully-programmable SongBook database
Built-in 2 x 25W speaker system
In the box: AC power cable, music stand, and Quick Guide
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