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Vads Elixir 20 Feet Instrument Cable

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Vads Elixir 20 Feet Instrument Cable
45,00 €
Elixir 20 Feet


    • Elixir 20 Feet Cable
    • Augstas kvalitātes vads instrumentam.
    • Vads lokans ar labu izolāciju un bez fona trokšņiem.
    • Viens jack   taisns, otrs 90 grādu lenķī.
    • Garums: 20 feet    :)
    • Iepakots greznā iepakojumā- kā lieliska dāvana ikvienam ģitāristam!
    • 2 gadu garantija.




    • Durable, tonally-transparent cables from the company you trust for long-lasting strings.

      One straight and one angled plug. This Elixir Premium Instrument Cable features a patent-pending design and one angled and one straight end. Elixir Cables deliver your tone transparently. These innovative guitar cables deliver the true voice of your guitar by providing clear high frequencies, and smooth, balanced mids. Elixir Cables are developed by Elixir Strings and its parent company, W.L. Gore & Associates, which has been developing high performance cables for the last 50 years.

      Elixir Cables also feature a unique combination of extreme durability and flexible, non-twist memory for superior performance and easy, efficient use. The robust, branded plugs include custom grip housings for sure handling.


      • Tonal transparency
      • Extremely durable
      • Flexible
      • One straight and one angled plug with custom grip housings