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Blackstar HT-1 Metal Snake

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Blackstar HT-1 Metal Snake
275,00 €
Limited edition kombis ģitārai no Blackstar


Blackstar HT-1 Metal Snake

Limited edition - ierobežotā daudzumā

Jauda: 1W   lampu pastiprinātājs

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2 gadu garantija


Blackstar HT METAL 1 Snake Skin Limited Edition Product no.: 9000-0032-9565 Warranty period: This product comes with a 3-year warranty.


This HT Metal 1 tube guitar amp combo by Blackstar is a limited edition with a snake-skin finish that's as striking as its sound. The robust metal grille keeps the 8-inch speaker safe underneath. As its name suggests, this high gain amp is ideal for Metal. Thanks to the ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) circuit you can go for classic British overdrive, modern American metal or anything in between.

HT Metal 1 Snake Skin

With its push/pull design, this 1-watt amp gives you the same sound characteristics as a 100-watt amp with the volume turned all the way up, but then at a lower volume. This means you get an authentic tube sound with all the dynamics and compression you'd expect from a larger model.


The Blackstar HT Metal 1 Snake Skin is equipped with a number of options that'll come in handy when you're in the studio or playing live. Thanks to the speaker emulation output, this amp can easily be used for recording, or you can connect it to a PA or a mixer. If you want to practise in silence, use the headphone socket. There's also built-in stereo reverb. All in all, this limited edition amp combo is well-equipped, and has a great sound to go with its stunning looks.

Tips or comments about this product

  • Please note: this product is a limited edition that is only available while stocks last.
Connectors Aux-in, External speaker(s), Headphone
Number of channels 2
Number of speakers 1
Amp modelling no
    • Effects loop no
      Weight 6 - 10 kg
      Built-in tuner no
      Built-in effects reverb (digital)
      Colour grey, black
      Speaker diameter 8 inches
      Power attenuator no
      Type of power amp tube not applicable
      Amplifier type tube
      Wattage 0 - 5 watts
      Can be powered by battery no
      Power attenuator no
      Type of power amp tube not applicable
      Amplifier type tube
      Wattage 0 - 5 watts
      Can be powered by battery no

      Weight and dimensions including packaging

      Weight (incl. packaging) 4.6 kgDimensions (incl. packaging) 38.0 x 24.0 x 38.0 cm

      Product specifications

      Blackstar guitar amplifier combo
      series: Snake Skin Limited Edition
      model: HT Metal 1
      type of amplifier: tube
      output power: 1 W
      number of channels: 2 (clean, overdrive)
      tubes: 1x ECC83, 1x ECC82
      speaker: 1x 8 in
      input: mono jack
      push-pull power amp design
      patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature)
      stereo MP3/Line input
      speaker emulation output
      output for external loud speaker (4 - 16 ohms)
      built-in stereo reverb
      metal grille
      dimensions: 308 x 305 x 172 mm
      weight: 5.9 kg




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