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Bespeco XC300

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Bespeco XC300
7,00 €
Bespeco / Italy


  • Bespeco- itāļu kvalitāte par salīdzinoši labu cenu! Pateicoties tehnoloģijām un rūpīgai kvalitātes kontrolei-  Eiropā iemantojuši milzu popularitāti!
  • Ģitāras vads

    3 m

    2 x Jack mono  6.3 mm

  • Ražotājs: Bespeco , Itālija






    Bespeco инструментальный распаянный кабель с разъемами Jack 6.3 mm mono - Jack 6.3mm mono с металлическими наконечниками.





    A world leader in the production of cables - Made in Italy. High quality and long-lasting performance, all thanks to the professional and technological research and development, the selection of components and the rigorous quality control at each productive stage.
    Quality that is obvious when it reaches the end user, thanks to our professional production and sales team.
    Bespeco offer two options of supply with their cables; either on a reel/roll or factory assembled. This applies to microphone/instrument cable, multi core, speaker cables and electrical mains cable.
    Assembled cables are neatly presented for effective selling and display, either in an eye-catching cardboard sleeve or in a bag. Either way these are available in different colors and lengths.
    Another great feature of Bespeco cables is that they are now equipped with a strap-band – neatly holding the cable in place once folded! The strap-band and (if fitted) the rubber jack, may be personalised with your own name/company logo on. Minimum quantities apply, please call for details.
    Our vast range of cables have always met and indeed superceded the expectations of professional musicians who demand the highest quality and performance from their equipment.

    Assembled instrument cable realized with metal jacks and shielded 6,3 mm. cable. Available in black. Length mt. 3.




    Cable Type


    Cable Length

    3 mt.

    Connectors Used


    Cables Colors Available



    Carton sleeve + Rolling up


    Bespeco / Italy