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Amati AAS-33-OT

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Amati AAS-33-OT
957,00 €


  • Amati AAS-33-OT


    Korpuss: zeltīts,lakots

    Mehānika: zeltīts lakots

    Augšējais F# vārstulis: ir

    Iemutnis : ir

    Komplektā futlāris, iemutnis, tīrāmie līdzekļi


    2 gadu garantija

    Ja prece nav noliktavā- piegāde 3- 21 dienas laikā!

    info@salonsmuzika.lv/ tel. 29507001, 67212095




    Саксофон-альт "Bb" AMATI AAS 63-OT студенческая модель, серия классик.
    Жёлтая медь.
    Большой раструб: 135 мм.
    Кожанные подушки с металлическими резонаторами.
    Автоматический октавный клапан.
    Регулируемый упор.
    Эргономичный дизайн клапанной системы.






    Designed for the smaller player.


    The Amati model AAS 33 is an entry-level Saxophone designed for children and young students. Its main characteristic is the newly-designed, small bell flare made of selected brass alloy, that solidifies the response and playability of the lower register. The key work is of excellent quality and well-adjusted for smaller hands. These features, combined with the compact bow, makes this saxophone comfortable to hold and play evenly. The neck is hydraulically formed for optimum response and tonal balance. The solid neck receiver enhances resonance by reducing unwanted vibrations. 

    This model features good intonation, high durability and easy playability, which makes this saxophone the perfect choice for schools a young players to enter the saxophone world. Connecting ferrules and the heavy bell brace indicate the rigid construction of this model, for which the Amati factory is known. The octave key design with the extra brace prevents the octave key from twisting and the stronger shift key ball joint enables smooth and quick octave transitions. The shape and positioning of the side keys and the trill keys provide with ease of playing and facilitate technique. Left hand little finger spatula keys are of ergonomic design and the connected C#-Bb keys deliver light and fast motion. The C/Eb keys, F# keys and the auxiliary front F mechanism are sculptured for optimum playing comfort. Key guards are of modern style and easily adjustable. The non corrosive pivot screws and blue steel springs ensure precise key rod action. 

    AMATI Saxophones exhibit the finest craftsmanship, guaranteed reliability and lasting durability. The mechanical parts are manufactured using precise machinery, which ensures a high level of performance. All instruments undergo a thorough quality check at several stages during the entire production process. All saxophones are fully hand-crafted and regulated by the most skilled and talented craftsmen and technicians and pass through an individual tuning and key adjustment check prior shipment.




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