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Alesis Multimix 4 USB .

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Alesis Multimix 4 USB .
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  • Alesis Multimix 4USB

  • Alesis Multimix 4USB - 4-channel mixer with digital output, low-noise digital 16bit/44.1kHz signal on  USB for easy computer interface, 4x line inputs, 2x channels of XLR inputs with gains and switchable 48V phantom power, high impedance guitar input, 2 channels of switchable high-pass filtering, 2-channel EQ on mic inputs, multi-colour LED metering, main and headphone outputs with   independent level controls. Includes power supply. Dimensions: 152 x 196 x 50mm. Weight: 0.6kg

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  • The MultiMix 4 USB is a four-channel desktop mixer with a USB digital audio interface built in. This compact mixer is perfect for using in basic computer-recording setups, video editing and production studios, and portable podcasting setups because it outputs not only line-level analog audio, but also stereo 16-bit, 44.1 kHz digital audio over USB for low-noise, easy computer connection. You can also monitor back from your computer through the same USB connection.

    The MultiMix 4 USB mixer has four input channels, all of which can accept a 1/4" line input. You can can plug XLR microphones into channels one and two, including condensers thanks to the mixer's switchable 48V-phantom power supply. You can also plug a guitar or bass directly into channel one's switchable high-impedance input.

    Channels one and two offer switchable high-pass filtering at 75Hz to eliminate low-frequency rumble, handling and wind noise. Each channel has an independent pan control and channels one and two provide high and low-shelving EQs. Channels one and two have independent gain trims, while channels three and four are configured as a stereo pair at the level and pan controls.

    The MultiMix 4 USB has a two channel, five stage, multicolor LED meter for visual monitoring the main output level. A stereo, 1/4" headphone output has its own level control.


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